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New Life In Christ

We are so glad that you have visited this part of our website. We believe that the greatest event in someone’s life is when they totally surrender everything to Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, and ask Christ into their lives.

How do I find new life in Christ?

We believe new life in Christ is a redemptive process wholly of God, in which believers participate solely on the basis of His grace through their faith in Jesus Christ.

All who trust in Jesus alone as their Lord and Savior receive the forgiveness of sins and the free gift of new life, which is eternal and abundant. As the Author and Perfector of our faith, Jesus will complete the good work of salvation begun in every believer. Such eternal security of the believer’s salvation in Jesus is kept solely by the power and promises of God.

I want to talk to someone about salvation.

We are here to walk with you through life’s toughest questions. If you’d like to speak with a pastor to explore further what it means to be saved, then call our Church Office at 706-453-7766 and we will guide you through this process.